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Most frequent questions and answers

We accept several insurance panels,

Reasonable Cash pay option is also accepted 

Be sure to provide insurance, valid ID, list of all current medications
Be ready to provide pharmacy address and phone number 
It will depend entirely on how you are doing emotionally. 
We may need to see you frequently initially and less when you are feeling well
Visits frequency may also be freely discussed between you and the provider

Yes, we do refer to several therapist in the community, it may also depend on your health care benefits or Insurance

Yes, telepsychiatry services which are HIPPA compliant may be offered  at the comfort of your home. The service is secure, confidential as long as the client is also using secure, and in a private location.

Be sure to in a comfortable, private and well lighted area
Restart your phone or computer prior to the visit
WIFI: Be closed to the area where the best internet connectivity is available.
 Yes, we will offer such letters at a fee. A separate appointment is required to complete the form, however the service is for active established clients who have been with the provider for a minimum of four to six evaluations. Each case is different and more information will be shared when the request is made.